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Podcast — Art Waves #421 — May 2, 2021

John Terpstra In Conversation with Bernadette Rule about her novel Dark Fire

25 years after she wrote it, Bernadette Rule is publishing her first novel. It’s based on true events that unfolded one hundred years ago, June 25, 1921. Dark Fire details the lives, and finally the deaths by brutal murder of eleven young people, the Drews & the Lawrences, who ranged in age from 35 years to 3 months. They were her father’s first cousins. No one was ever prosecuted for the massacre. With this book Rule tries to give the victims back their lives in the only way she can.

Podcast — Art Waves #420 — April 25, 2021

Bernadette Rule In Conversation with John Terpstra about Call Me Home

John Terpstra returns to Art Waves with his 11th book of poems, Call Me Home (Gaspereau Press). It’s beautiful outside and inside, with poems that will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. And, for something completely different, he has added a short essay about his writing practice. Topics: Adam MacKenzie Smith, Gaspereau Press, Kentville NS, Andrew Steeves, Olympia typewriters, Smith-Corona, Michael Ondaatje, The Book Cellar of James South, Christopher Fry, Billy Collins, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Herkimer Street, Rick Hayes, T.S. Eliot, moleskin notebooks, pandemic, King West Books, Dave Kuruc, Adrienne Clarkson, Nick Terpstra, U of T, Dante, Margaret Atwood, Tom Cochrane, Cormac McCarthy, Wendell Berry, Bob Dylan

Podcast — Art Waves #412 — January 4, 2021

Bernadette Rule In Conversation with John Terpstra about Wild Hope and Call Me Home

Writer John Terpstra returns to Art Waves with not one but 2 books he is releasing during the Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown. Host Bernadetette Rule notes, "Obviously, there is no holding him back. One is Wild Hope, a book of prayers & poems from the St. Thomas Poetry Series. The other is Call Me Home, which will be published in the spring by Gaspereau Press. To unmask Mr. Terpstra, join us for another delightful conversation on Art Waves #412—socially distanced of course."

Podcast — Art Waves #308 — February 12, 2017

Bernadette Rule In Conversation with John Terpstra about In the Company of All

Host Bernadetette Rule observes that poet John Terpstra was a little uncomfortable at the thought of discussing his new book, because it's a book of prayers. It's published by the St. Thomas Poetry Series and it's called In the Company of All: Prayers from Sunday Mornings at St. Cuthbert's. She thinks listeners to the interview will agree with her that John has never been more wise, vulnerable and engaging than in this episode of Art Waves.

Interview — Open Book Toronto — December 9, 2015

“Lucky Seven” Interview with John

Open Book Toronto spoke to John as part of their “Lucky Seven” interview series. The series engages talented Canadian authors to discuss themes, process and more. John tells Open Book about how a book’s genesis can be collaborative, the McGarrigle family connection in The House with the Parapet Wall and the long journey to a room of one's own..

Podcast — ArtWaves #204 — September 27, 2014

Encounters with Strangers live from Hamilton

Live from Hamilton, Ontario, Sook-Yin and the Hammer's finest storytellers tell tales about something we've all experienced: an encounter with a stranger. John talks about his strange encounters with Mary and “the boys” at 1:36:43

Podcast — ArtWaves #228 — September 14, 2014

Bernadette Rule talks to John Terpstra about The House with the Parapet Wall

The House with the Parapet Wall began with an invitation from Paul Lisson to write something for the online journal Hamilton Arts & Letters. The invitation gave Terpstra a way to write about his mother's diminishment and eventual death. Like the book itself, this interview became a meditation on the role art can play in helping us through the loss of a loved one.

Podcast — ArtWaves #204 — December 8, 2013

Bernadette Rule talks to John Terpstra about writing and Brilliant Falls

Poet — or should we say, writer — John Terpstra returns to Art Waves to talk about his 9th book, Brilliant Falls. Bernadette notes, “the discussion begins as a footpath, but soon broadens to become a multi-lane highway through the workings of a busy mind. Listen in for a rollicking good time and some wonderful insights.”.

Podcast — ArtWaves #168 — November 11, 2012

John Terpstra, Jeff Mahoney, Simon Richards and Sheila Sammon join Bernadette Rule to talk about Hamilton Arts & Letters

Writer Jeff Mahoney, actor Simon Richards, professor Sheila Sammon and writer John Terpstra join Art Waves’s Bernadette Rule to talk about the sumptuous on line journal, Hamilton Arts & Letters. It's Fall / Winter 2012 – 2013 edition, about Remembrance was published just before this interview aired. The podcast includes a reading by John of an unpbulished excerpt of Part IV of “Why Must We Die.” Part I – III of “Why Must We Die” were published in earlier editions of Hamilton Arts & Letters.

Podcast — ArtWaves #139 — January 22, 2012

Bernadette Rule’s The Bookmark Project interview with Miranda Hill & John Terpstra

Miranda Hill is a writer and a passionate reader who was inspired to start The Bookmark Project installing permanent markers in places where the Canadian landscape has been enshrined in a literary work. John Terpstra's poem "Giants" was honoured with Bookmark 9, in Hamilton's Sam Lawrence Park. Celebrate a sense of place in this episode of Art Waves.

interview — Image Magazine — October 21, 2009

An Image Web Exclusive Interview with John Terpstra

The fall 2009 issue of Image includes John’s essay about church, titled “Skin Boat: Acts of Faith and Other Navigations.” Part of a book-length work now out from Gaspereau Press, the essay interweaves images from Terpstra’s experiences as a poet, woodworker, and lifelong pew-sitter, as well as language from spirituals, the Old Testament, Old English literature, and conversations about church with his wife, friends, and neighbors. Image asked him about the nonfiction he’s been writing lately, and about how this book came to be written.

Podcast — ArtWaves #43 — September 13, 2009

John Terpstra in conversation with Bernadette Rule about Skin Boat

John Terpstra’s book-length essays about geography & belonging, and about the all too brief lives of his brothers-in-law have given him a following even larger than that he has won with his poetry. When he released another of his eclectic explorations, Skin Boat: Acts of Faith and Other Navigations, Art Waves invited him to come aboard and share his secrets of chart and compass.

Podcast — ArtWaves #12 — December 21, 2008

John Terpstra in conversation with Bernadette Rule about The Boys

John Terpstra began his writing life as a poet, but, with Falling Into Place, began applying his poetic gifts to prose. On his first visit to Art Waves he talks about his work, particularly the award-winning memoir about his brothers-in-law, entitled The Boys or Waiting for the Electrician's Daughter.

Q & A — Comment Magazine — August 29, 2008

Q & A with John Terpstra, carpenter, cabinetmaker and poet

Inspired by the interviews in the Paris Review and Bomb magazine, “The Questions” in Sports Illustrated, and the regular interviews on the blogs of Tom Peters and Guy Kawasaki, Comment has asked a diverse group of mentors for their stories.

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